White Sage Fragrance Oil

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Infuse your space with the calming and cleansing properties of White Sage with Kamini White Sage Fragrance Oil. This delightful scent is perfect for use in oil burners, creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere in any room. 

White Sage has long been used in Native American traditions for its purifying and protective qualities. It is believed to clear away negative energy and bring positivity into your space. With Kamini's White Sage Fragrance Oil, you can bring the power of this sacred herb into your home or office.

Each bottle of Kamini White Sage Fragrance Oil is carefully crafted in India using only the finest ingredients. The 10ml bottle is easy to use - simply add a few drops to your oil burner and let the soothing scent of White Sage fill the air.

Whether you are looking to cleanse your space of negative energy, create a relaxing atmosphere, or simply enjoy the refreshing scent of White Sage, Kamini White Sage Fragrance Oil is the perfect choice. Bring the power of this ancient herb into your life with this high-quality fragrance oil from Kamini.