Hearts, a symbol of love and compassion, have been revered throughout history for their powerful energetic properties. In this category, you will find a diverse selection of heart-shaped crystals and gemstones that are believed to have unique healing and metaphysical qualities.

Each product is carefully chosen for its specific attributes, allowing you to find the perfect heart that resonates with your intentions and desires. Whether you are looking to attract love and deepen relationships, enhance self-love and compassion, or promote emotional healing and balance, there is a heart waiting to support you on your journey.

From the vibrant hues of the 7 Chakra Heart to the tranquil energy of the New Jade Puffy Crystal Heart, each piece offers a different blend of energies to help you achieve your goals. The Amethyst Puffy Crystal Heart is known for its ability to calm the mind and promote spiritual growth, while the Green Aventurine Heart is believed to bring prosperity and abundance into your life.

For those seeking protection from negative energies, the Amethyst Orgonite Heart combines the healing properties of amethyst with the powerful energy-clearing abilities of orgonite to create a shield of positivity around you.

No matter your intention or purpose, these heart-shaped crystals and gemstones are a beautiful and meaningful addition to any collection. Whether you are just starting your crystal journey or are a seasoned practitioner, the hearts in this category are sure to inspire and uplift your spirit.

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