The Magick of a Coloured Candle

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick on 11th Apr 2024

While candles have burnt on altars for millennia in honour of various deities or to manifest change, there is something pretty powerful that comes about when the magick of a coloured candle is take … Read More

The Fragrant World of Incense Cones

6th Apr 2024

Incense cones have been used for centuries in various cultures and traditions for their aromatic and therapeutic properties. These small, cone-shaped incense sticks are a popular choic … Read More

Navigating Mercury Retrograde in April 2024

2nd Apr 2024

From 2nd April 2024 until 25th April 2024, you will find many astrologers are buzzing about Mercury Retrograde. This celestial event is known for causing communication mishaps, technology glitches, … Read More