Purple Spell Candles

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Enhance your spiritual practice with Purple Spell Candles. These unscented candles are designed to bring about an increase in spiritual energies, leading to a deeper connection with oneself and higher powers. The color purple is often associated with spiritual growth, wisdom, and healing, making these candles a powerful tool for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Each box of Purple Spell Candles contains 12 candles, perfect for use in rituals, spells, or meditation practices. Standing at approximately 10cm tall and 1cm in diameter, these candles have an approximate burn time of two hours each, allowing for extended use during your spiritual practices.

It is important to remember to never leave candles burning unattended and always place them in a suitable candle holder on a flat, flameproof surface. By using Purple Spell Candles in your spiritual practice, you can harness the energy of the color purple to unify your mind, body, and soul, bringing about positive changes in your life.

Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual energies, deepen your connection with higher powers, or promote healing in your life, Purple Spell Candles are the perfect choice. Embrace the power of the color purple and elevate your spiritual practice with these enchanting candles.